Take the guesswork out of diet and exercise.


Eugene is revolutionising the way you lose weight and stay fit. This innovative Weight Loss DNA Test Kit will reveal the best way to eat and work out according to your personal genotypes. Simple, easy, convenient. With Eugene, you've got nothing to lose — except the weight.

Discover the diet and exercise programme that's right for you based on your individual DNA.

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Receive an easy to understand interpretation of your DNA

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Committed to quality testing.

Eugene is part of the BioClinics Group, the UK's award-winning DNA analysis company offering fully accredited DNA collection and testing.

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"I've tried so many diets and nothing has worked. With Eugene, I finally know for certain that what I'm eating every day is right for me and my weight loss goals. It's so simple! And the results speak for themselves."

— Olivia G.

"The exercise suggestions are really helpful. For years, I tried running to lose weight. Eugene told me I was more suited to gentle exercise. So now I walk my dog for longer and swim regularly. I'm already seeing results. It works!"

— Lily E.

"What sold me on Eugene is that it's scientifically proven. No other diet out there is based on your unique genetic makeup. Instead of guessing what's going to work for me, now I know exactly what's going to work for me."

— Joseph L.

"I've never done any kind of DNA testing so I was a bit intimidated by the swab process. But it's so easy! When I got my genetic test report, I had no problem applying the recommendations to my day to day life. Thanks Eugene!"

— Amelia H.

"I thought cutting all carbs would help me lose weight. Turns out my body responds better when I take in an equal number of carbs and fat. Even better, the online tools help me plan meals to ensure I'm getting the correct balance."

— Thomas O.

Healthy starts with u.

Meet Eugene.

Eugene is here to help you take the guesswork out of diet and exercise. Part scientist. Part personal trainer. Think of Eugene as your health coach. With Eugene by your side, you’ll finally understand how to leverage your body’s unique genetic makeup to reach your overall health goals.


u are unique.

Your body is made up of genetic variations that affect how you use fat and carbohydrates, as well as respond to different forms of exercise. With the individual results from your Weight Loss DNA Test Kit, Eugene reveals the specific type of diet and exercise to reduce and control your weight in the shortest, most efficient way possible.


u are empowered.

After submitting your DNA sample, your test results are delivered in an easy-to-understand manual, outlining specific examples of exercise activities and meal plans that will fast track your weight loss. These recommendations are tailored just for your body type. In addition, you can take advantage of online tools that allow you to plan and track your eating and exercise habits.


u are in good hands.

Eugene is part of the BioClinics Group, which operates over 170 nationwide testing clinics and is the industry's only company to combine internationally recognised certification with a fully accredited test management and sample collection service. Together, we are committed to the highest standards of quality, convenience and support.

Swab. Sign. Send. It's that simple.

Ready to get started?

After ordering Eugene, simply complete a few forms, collect oral DNA samples (just swab, it's easy) and send with final payment of £139 for DNA Analysis to get your personalised results.

That's it. Within 2 weeks, you'll know how to lose and manage your weight with the correct diet and exercise based on your individual DNA results.

Weight loss is as easy as:


Step 1 - Swab

Swab. Remove the first brush from the packaging. Place the brush against the inside of your left cheek. Twist and rub firmly at least 20 times. Repeat with the second brush on the inside of your right cheek.

Dry. Place both brushes in a safe location and allow to dry for at least 15 minutes (now would be a good time to get a cup of tea.) Do not handle the brush end as this will cause contamination of your DNA sample.

Seal. When the brushes are dry, place them both in the small sample envelope (marked BIOHAZARD) and seal.

Watch a demonstration of the DNA collection technique.

Step 2 - Sign

  • Complete each of the enclosed forms. Ensure your writing is clear and legible (so mum would approve.)
  • Sign the consent form. Your signature is required in order to process your DNA samples.

Need assistance? No worries, just call 0800 032 5945 to speak with one of Eugene's friendly Clinical Advisors.

Step 3 - Send

Place the small DNA sample envelope and the completed forms into the return envelope supplied (no postage required) and mail with a final payment of £139 for DNA Analysis.

Congratulations! Within 2 weeks, you'll receive your Weight Loss DNA Test results and be on your way to a healthier you.

Eugene provides you with:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Weight Loss DNA Test Kit
  • Swab Brushes (2)
  • Sample Envelope
  • DNA Collection Guide
  • Consent Form
  • Payment Form
  • FREEPOST envelope for sample submission

Your genes. Your privacy.